Why I Ran

Running is a journey … and their journey never stops




From the moment I could run, I ran… and I ran as hard as I could.

“Why?” never crossed my mind; I just kept running. And for 20 years of my life, I was a runner.

Then for some reason, I stopped.

At the time, I didn’t think anything of it. My journey with running was finished, and I would find another way to move forward.

It’s been two years since I stopped running, and “Why?” is a question that has torn through my mind countless times.

Somewhere between all those steps, my answer had changed. Running became a series of goals and milestones towards a finish line that didn’t exist. I had accomplished so much, but all I could see was what still had to be done. I pushed myself harder and further, in an attempt to stay on pace, but there was one problem; the race I entered was infinite.

On this journey, my family supported me through every step. My dad coached me and my mom cheered louder than anyone in the stands. My sister Ashley guided me, and my brother Isaac was beside me for every stride.

My younger brother Jacob watched it all, but it is through my recent experience watching him that I can finally understand why I ran in the first place.

Through his final years of high school, the pandemic prevented competitions. There were no opportunities for records or championships to fuel his motivation. The runner he has become today was driven purely by passion and a love for running.

As I’ve watched him on his journey as a runner, I have witnessed his growth as a person. A person who appreciates the people around him, and asks for help when he needs it. A person who approaches his challenges with confidence, and takes pride in the solutions he develops. A person who can accept defeat, and not allow it to alter his next steps. A person I am very proud to call my brother.

Jacob taught me that we run, not to outrun others, but to discover who we are and what we’re capable of. Running isn’t about chasing an elusive finish line. It’s a race where we constantly learn, grow, and evolve, driven by the love for what we do and the desire to become better versions of ourselves.

Running is a journey…

Beyond Athletics was founded on these realizations. By empowering athletes on their journey of pursuing their passions, we contribute to the cultivation of strong, skilled, and impactful citizens within our community. Because their journey never stops.

… and this is Why I Ran

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