Student-Athlete Spotlight: Marie-Éloïse Leclair
Published: March 24, 2023

By: BeyondAthletics

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Meet Marie-Éloïse Leclair: SFU Track and Field

Marie-Éloïse Leclair has gained significant attention due to her recent exceptional performances and achievements at SFU Track and Field. Her impressive personal best times have earned her recognition as a talented sprinter, and she has recently competed at the NCAA Division II Indoor Track & Field Championships. In addition to her athletic accomplishments, Marie is a committed student, a positive role model, and actively engaged in her community.

Journey in Track and Field

Marie’s involvement in track and field began in grade 7, and she has not looked back since. She credits her high school coach for instilling in her the belief in her potential as an athlete and for shaping how she saw herself in that role. Her current coach, Tom, continues to have a significant impact on her development as an athlete, guiding her and providing advice and support whenever needed. As Marie puts it, “My high school coach who never gave up on me and always saw the potential. He influenced how I saw myself as an athlete and the way I believed in my goals. My current coach Tom, also has a continuous impact on the athlete that I am becoming and I trust him fully, and I know I can always go to him for advice and support.”

Achievements and Commitment to Excellence

The awards and honours that Marie has earned throughout her time at SFU Track and Field speak volumes about her achievements and dedication to the sport. She has been named GNAC freshman athlete of the year, GNAC athlete of the week, and won athlete of the meet for both indoor and outdoor GNAC championships. Her most memorable moment was when her 4×400 relay team qualified for nationals both indoors and outdoors and broke the school record in their last race together. Marie says, “I am very proud of all we accomplished in just a few months and it definitely shaped who I am as an athlete and who I aspire to be for the rest of my career.”

But Leclair’s commitment to success is not limited to her athletic pursuits. She also values the importance of academic excellence and balances her goals with other responsibilities, such as her studies and personal commitments. She prioritizes her recovery time, ensuring that she is physically and mentally prepared for competitions. As Marie-Éloïse says, “It helps to have a fixed schedule and get into a routine every week. It is my responsibility to stay focused on my goals, but these goals cannot happen without doing well in school and having a balanced lifestyle.”

Community Impact

When it comes to her involvement in the community, Marie sees herself as a role model for younger athletes. She believes that student-athletes have a responsibility to set a good example and inspire others to persevere and achieve their goals. After graduation, Marie plans to work in public health and help people live healthier lives in their communities. She also intends to continue competing in her sport as long as she enjoys it and feels that it is bringing something positive to her life. As Marie-Éloïse says, “I think our role within the community is to set a good example and inspire younger athletes to keep going and persevere in what they like.”


Marie’s dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence make her a remarkable student-athlete. Her achievements and personal values exemplify the values and principles upheld by SFU Track and Field, as well as Beyond Athletics. We are grateful to have Marie-Eloise as a part of our community, and we look forward to seeing her continue to excel both on and off the track. As Marie says, “Being a student-athlete taught me hard work, dedication, team work and time management, essential skills for the professional world. And also how it is important to have a good balance, even the best athletes need off days and you don’t want to have all your eggs in the same basket.” These values will undoubtedly serve her well in her future career and in her continued pursuit of excellence in athletics.

In conclusion, Marie-Éloïse Leclair is an exceptional student-athlete who has achieved remarkable success in track and field, while also excelling academically and contributing to her community. Her coaches and mentors have played an important role in shaping her beliefs about her potential as an athlete and supporting her throughout her career. Marie’s dedication to success is not limited to her athletic pursuits; she prioritizes her academic and personal commitments while also ensuring that she takes care of her physical and mental well-being. She sees herself as a role model for younger athletes and plans to continue inspiring others to persevere and achieve their goals. Overall, Marie-Eloise’s commitment to excellence, hard work, and dedication to her values make her a remarkable student-athlete and a valuable member of her community.


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